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CompuDirect specializes in complex, custom web-based point of sale web hosting systems in the Myrtle Beach area as well as nationally. We handle all aspects from hosting to SSL certificates including any specialized programming that you may need for your particular requirement. See these sites as some examples of store systems that we have wrote:

https://www.printermalls.com: This is our online store system for printer products. It handles millions of dollars of sales annually doing many, many complex tasks automatically. Because this store sells printers nationally, we have adapted the store to calculate state, county and local sales taxes. With over fifty thousand products for sale, quick full text searches use the advanced solr search engine making them instantaneous. The store is Google and Bing search engine optimized which will help your customers find your store using the search engine’s free listings. Products for sale can be downloaded (manuals, books, etc). Constant Contact integration manages users for automated online marketing. The back end management interface has too many features to list but here are a few of them: Non-programmers can add products and information on the site without any specialized software, right form their browser. The order duplicator makes it easy to process orders for your repeat customers. Automated fraud detection checking is accomplished on each order with a suggestion of whether to proceed or not. Numerous payment processor support including Google Checkout, Paypal, Authorize.net, Pay by Lease, etc. RMA Processing handles customer returns. Discount structures for sale items, quantity discounts and tier level discounts. Twitter ad integration creates tweets from the management interface. Automatic feed manager creates feeds for various search and comparative engines including Amazon, Bing, Nextag, eBay Sell Manager (have a eBay store also), Google Product Listing, Pricegrabber, etc. Email manager allows email customization tailored to the type of email being sent. There are many, many more features please email us for more information.

http://fruit-pearls.com: Fruit Pearls had several very specialized needs. For instance, they ship their products in dry ice from various warehouses all over the US. We wrote programming code to compute where the closest warehouse was to the customer and to automatically compute warehouse costs for shipping containers and dry ice based on estimated delivery times.

http://thai-lao-restaurant.com: Thai Lao Restaurant is located in Myrtle Beach, SC. They offer Thai food on a grand scale.

The above examples were very affordable with very little initial outlay of money needed. We charge a small up front customization fee then an affordable monthly fee to keep your store system up at all times. Call or write with your requirement for a no obligation quote.

We also offer basic web hosting at very affordable rates.  We help you get your site up and running and then we help keep it that way.

We offer standard web hosting with no store system:

Basic Web Hosting Fee Structure:

Please know that the cost of web site development varies with the client’s needs. We can develop a simple one page website to any number of pages with many graphics.

The following fee schedule is based upon an HTML site (Store System, see above):

ONE PAGE SPECIAL: Free with the purchase of a one year hosting plan. This type of site is great for disseminating your general information and is enough for many businesses.

MULTI-PAGE SITES: $250 setup fee plus $75 per page if purchased with a one year hosting plan. Without using our hosting plan, our fee is $350 for the first page and $125 per page thereafter.

SECURE AND REGISTER DOMAIN: $35 for a one year period ($30/year for three or more years at one time).

COMPLETE SITE MAINTENANCE:  Includes website search engine optimization and minor/routine changes such as moving text around, etc. up to one hour per month. Monthly fee is $25 per month with one year minimum.

WEB HOSTING AND MINOR SITE MAINTENANCE: For Basic Hosting, it’s $30/month on annual contract, billed one year in advance. If you would rather go less than a year, we can do that – the price is $50/month paid quarterly.

Notes: Prices are for one domain name – more than one domain name will require additional annual domain name registry. Domain names that we register for you are your property and you will be given a login to manage the domain name if you wish or we’ll manage it for you at no additional cost.

Photos and graphics that you provide us in the proper digital format can be included on any website and are included in the base price. We can generate/scan the graphics and photos if required but this service is extra – these services will be billed at $125/hour with a one hour minimum.

Flash, music, image scanning, artwork, extra or on-site photography, video streaming, and php or javascript programming accomplished by CompuDirect are not included in the base price and if needed will be billed at our normal hourly rate of $125/hour.

Online stores and database web applications are available at extremely good prices. Call for more information.

Call us today or write us at  info@compudirectinc.com to find out how we can help you expand your horizons!

*No limit does not mean you can use this service for raw storage but you can run virtually any type of site you wish – from a highly graphic site to an online store, without the worry of storage limits!

See some examples of sites we have recently finished:

usxair website